Are you considering playing Baccarat for real money? Before you begin, read and keep this list with you. These are the tips that the best Baccarat players have done at the best Baccarat casinos, online or in real life.

Avoid Tie Bets
If you are like most Baccarat players, the first thing that attracts you from the first minute you sit down to play is probably the 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 bonus from the tie bet (depending on the casino). This is especially true if you’ve ever played Casino War, where tie bets can yield big payouts. But just as Casino War bets are not so profitable in the long run, tie bets in Baccarat are one of the best ways to lose money. Of course, you can win. But considering that the chance of winning is around 9%, you don’t seem to have much of an edge. When the bet is tied, you are making the wrong choice.

Picking the banker over the player
Baccarat is one of the most enjoyable table games, at least in terms of bet selection. That’s because you have two options – bet on the banker or the player. Banker bets are built so that any winnings you make will be taxable. No, not tax from the government, but from the house. The dealer will take 5% commission. This is like doing business with a real estate agent, although usually you will only buy a house or two in your lifetime, here you will be charged a fee each time you win.

So is it worth it? Sure. Although 5% will be taken away, your chances of winning when betting on the bank are higher. Banker bets usually win 50.68%. The 5% fee here is to ensure the casino’s profits, because the chances of winning are tilted towards the player.

Commission agreement
OK, you can’t do this online. A 5% commission is usually the norm. But in live casinos, you may have a chance to find Baccarat tables with lower commissions. Even a 1% discount, bringing the commission down to 4%, will help you keep more money in your pocket.

Strictly speaking, you cannot bargain with the house. The commission is fixed and the dealer has no right to change it, unless they want to be fired. However, if you’re playing in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, for example, where competition is fierce, you can browse a few places to see if there are any that accept commission discounts.

Check your odds of winning before you play
So you’re used to this 5% commission, and most casinos you play at, whether online or offline, charge this 5%. While this is the base rate, you shouldn’t default to always having it. Always check before sitting down to play. You wouldn’t expect to be charged a 10% or even 25% fee. Or, if you’re used to tie bets with 8 to 1 payouts (though we’d advise against doing this…), make sure the new casino you’re trying out doesn’t reduce the odds to 6 above 1 or a less attractive ratio.

Keeping the Game Short
Baccarat is one of those games where players experience short wins and losses. The secret to winning is to get lucky and stand up when you’re losing. Unlike Blackjack, where you will earn more the longer you play, Baccarat is often more difficult, especially when you are often betting both the banker and the player. So how? Keep the game short; instead of sitting down to play for 1 hour, play for 10 minutes and walk away.

Find fewer cards
This tip does not apply to the online casino world, but to the real world. If you can find a Baccarat table with less than 8 decks of cards (the standard number), you’re in luck. It’s not easy to find, but if you do, sit down and stay there. If you find a table with 4 or 6 sets, skip our “Keep the game short” advice.

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